What Seniors Must Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage Plan can take your health plan to a whole new level even if you are already using another plan. Different Medicare-approved private companies provide these health plans, and it is also known as “MA Plans” or “Part C.” Premiums for “Part C” can be as low as zero1. Searching online will help you find a low-cost Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plan brings several additional benefits that can enhance your health care’s quality2. For example you get a stronger input what is in your coverage. Part C is a bundled plan which can include coverage ranging from medical insurance, prescription drugs and hospital insurance. You should search online to see various options for your Medicare health plan.

What Does Medicare Advantage Cover?

Medicare Advantage Plans are a complete alternative for original Medicare as it works like an “all-in-one” option. Medicare has made a new combination of Part A, Part B, and extra services for creating new Plans which are offered with Part C3. First, you will have to enroll in Part A as well Part B, and then you will have the option to select a Medicare Advantage Plan as per your willingness. Selection of Medicare Advantage Plan also requires you to get yourself signed up with a private insurer.

Original Medicare does not cover most of the prescriptions, dental, hearing, vision, and wellness programs, but if you can add Part D in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you will have all these added services as well4. Moreover, the policyholders have this option to customize their coverage for the treatment of chronic diseases. Here are some extra services that your Part C may cover:

  • Adult daycare services
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Transportation services (both ways) for visits to the doctor.
  • Meal delivery
  • Wheelchair ramps and shower grips for your home

However, keep in mind that there can be variations in the amount you may have to pay for the Medicare Advantage Plan. It is possible that you may have to pay for services in your Plan, which are not considered necessary from a medical perspective. But you can legally challenge this decision.

What is The Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans?

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of any Plan. That said, not all the Plans have monthly premiums. Also, some Plans may cover Part B premiums partially or completely. Therefore, it is better to consider these factors while opting for Part C Plan5.

The Medicare Advantage Plans are jointly administered by private insurers and the federal government. They have connections with a network of hospitals and doctors. Therefore, out-of-network services will cost you extra as they are not covered by your insurer.

Moreover, charges and rules for out-of-pocket costs are different in different Plans. You may have to bear the responsibility for co-pays or deductibles for covered services. Also, you may need a referral for visiting a specialist6. In short, your total cost will depend on the type of health care services you want.

It is though possible to have premium as low as $0 for your Medicare Advantage Plans through doing your research7. What you need to do is to compare different MA plans online and see which is affordable and has the coverage you need.

Get to know about Medicare Advantage Plans Online.

If your current Medicare health Plan is not offering extra benefits, you must try to know about the Medicare Advantage Plans. Your coverage can include, hearing, dental, vision and could also include services for chronic illnesses.

For getting the benefits of the Medicare Advantage Plan, you would have to register yourself in Part A and Part B. You can research online and choose the offer that suits you from all the available packages. The private companies we would refer you to have multiple doctors, which can help save money.

Make sure to compare the offered Plans, as it would help you in opting for the best.

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