Truck Driving Jobs are Becoming More Lucrative Due to the Shortage of Truck Drivers

The demand for truck drivers has outweighed the supply in the past few years, and due to that, the shortage of truck drivers in America has increased. The surge in online shopping trend has forced companies to hire more truck drivers for bulk deliveries, and you can easily search for a truck driver job on online platforms.

With that being said, the trucking industry is in search of new drivers, and they are willing to pay you to become a truck driver. Not only this, this shortage has made companies raise the incentives and salaries of truck drivers. If you are in search of a job that gives you a “hefty” immediate pay, then this career may suit you. You can start a good career in this field, and you can search for jobs online.

Rapid Increase in Pay Rates For Truck Drivers

As mentioned earlier, the trucking industry is in dire need of new drivers. According to Washington Post, there were more than 50,000 vacancies for truck drivers in 2018. The number is expected to rise continuously as online retailers like Amazon are expanding more and more, and they continuously need more resources for deliveries.

Now, this shortage may not be a likable thing for trucking companies, but it definitely is wonderful for unemployed Americans looking for jobs. These companies not only need more and more truck drivers, but they are also willing to offer very decent pays and incentives to attract people towards this profession.

For instance, Midwest truck drivers are now earning $80,000 as minimum salary, and this amount is even higher in many companies. If you can find a job where you are able to share your driving gig with your partner, you and your partner can collectively make $100,000-$150,000 yearly.

Most importantly, your pay will increase with time and experience. For instance, you may be able to demand $85,000 to $120,000 depending upon your coverage and the state where you have worked. Moreover, if you work as a trainer for new truck drivers, you can easily earn up to $80,000 yearly. Also, if you are an experienced and highly skilled truck driver, you can more than that.

This situation has created huge supply gaps in trucking companies, and thanks to this shortage, the pay scales for truck drivers are going to increase further, especially in the busiest seasons. According to American Trucking Association, this gap for vacancies will hit the 176,000 figure in 2026.

The Shortage in Supply Raises the Incentives and Benefits

Right now, the only way for trucking companies to lure truck drivers is by offering them lucrative packages. In fact, even new drivers are getting hefty bucks from these companies. This situation has also changed the dynamics of truck drivers’ jobs. Due to the rise in online businesses, trucking companies put in more efforts to reduce the drivers’ job switching. These companies now offer paid holidays, health insurance, increased PTO, and handsome salaries to keep their truck drivers happy.

What’s more interesting is you can earn even more money if you choose to go on tougher or challenging routes. Becoming a truck driver is turning out to be a more lucrative and rewarding job now with immense potential for growth.

How Can You Find Truck Driver Job

Although truck driving may not be a suitable job for everyone out there, not many jobs can help you earn a very lucrative salary without a college degree. Anyone can start this job with appropriate training and a quick driving course, and as soon as your training completes, you will be eligible to apply for this job in any part of the country.

The trucking industry is becoming a more and more attractive place for job seekers. They are constantly offering flexible working schedules, bonuses, mileage incentives, and pretty handsome salaries. Even a new truck driver can rack up extra cash during the early stages of his career and keep piling on more bucks in years to come.

If you are thinking about this job, now might be the best time to apply because of plenty of opportunities and openings. You can search online platforms to get started. Just search online, and you will find plenty of jobs in your area. You can easily compare their induction criteria, salaries, and other packages. You can choose the one which suits you and make good fortune.

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