Tips for Seniors: Bring Back Your Smile with Dental Implants

One of the harsh realities of old age, especially for senior citizens, is losing a tooth or teeth. This can destroy a beautiful smile. Thankfully, dental implants can help seniors bring back their smile.

Dental implants are a lasting way to fix missing teeth. They’re a great choice for seniors looking to get their smile with beautiful-looking teeth. You can find affordable dental implants by searching online.

Dental implants let you to restore any missing teeth with crowns that feel and look just like real teeth. You’re smile will come back and the ability to eat normally. With good care, dental implants can last for a long time.

Dental Implants Defined

Dental implants are tooth replacements that are made from ceramic, alloys, zirconia, titanium, and other materials. Titanium rods are then inserted and drilled into the jaw bone that used to hold the lost teeth. These titanium rods are then allowed to “bond” with the jaw bone before crowns are attached. After this procedure, the dental implants’ appearance and function will be similar to natural teeth and you will not need to replace them as they are fit for your jaw.

Most popular to seniors are the use of dentures because dentures provide total teeth replacement for the whole mouth without breaking the bank. Dentures can be troublesome when eating and speaking because they move. Dentures can also have a synthetic feel if the fit is loose. Also, one needs to use creams and adhesives to keep them in place—and dentures have to be removed at night and be soaked in water.

All these problems are removed when the shift to dental implants happen as they don’t need sizing and adjustments. Dental implants feel like natural teeth, and its color can be matched to the color and shade of the natural teeth to make sure that the difference will not be visually noticeable. Dental implants are permanent, too, so seniors can talk, bite, chew, and talk the way they used to and have the peace of mind of having “new teeth” that don’t need adhesives just to remain steady.

Another benefit of dental implants is that they can impede the bone loss caused by teeth loss1. The bone under a lose tooth will slowly be reprocessed by the human body which can make people look older and eventually weaken the jaw which can be prone to fracture. With dental implants, bone loss can never be a problem because they promote the stabilization of the jaw once installed.

Dental Implants Can Be Inexpensive Too

Many people would really prefer dental implants if not for its financial implications: the procedure requires the services of an oral surgeon or a cosmetic dentist, and one dental implant alone can have a starting price of $3,0002.

You can also do monthly financing and use repayment plans which can make the dental implants more affordable. One example is to make a payment of between $35-40/month with a final payment of smaller than $1,050. Or you can decide to pay about $70 per month over the span of 48 months through financing with Care Credit3

Through the years, the price of dental implants have been decreasing, and more and more seniors take advantage of this decrease to save more money as they bring back their smile. A good practice is to survey the prices of dental implants from cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons in the area to gauge which one gives the best value. One may also explore dental schools as they offer the best prices to allow new dentists to carry out the procedure while under the supervision of seasoned dentists or surgeons.

Dental insurance such as Medigap and Medicare Advantage and dental discount plans can also assist in saving hundreds of dollars4. Another good idea is to have dental savings plans which work by paying a small amount annually. This can provide 10% to 60% savings in dental implants and other procedures5.

You can do comparison online by searching for dentists in your city that do dental implants and compare prices between them. This is a good way to find low-cost dental implants. Some advertisers showing prices that can save up to 50% on implants.

Bring Back the with Smile Dental Implants

The best way to restore a senior’s smile and confidence is the use of dental implants, not only because they feel natural but also because they are permanent and comfortable to wear. Best of all, dental implants prevent other concerns for seniors when it comes to oral health. To achieve the perfect smile once again, one just needs to weigh the available options and select the best dentist or oral surgeon that can successfully perform dental implant procedures without spending too much.


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