More Truck Drivers Needed in the US – The High Salaries Might Surprise You

In case you like getting paid well and driving on open roads, getting a job as a trucker could be a great alternative for you. The lifestyle is unique and for many so much more interesting than an office job.

Becoming a truck driver is not very difficult and it comes with many perks that other jobs don’t offer. No matter who you are, you have a chance to work as truck driver and here are the reasons why more and more people are considering a career in truck driving.

Career Safety

Many people rank stability as one of the most important factors when choosing jobs. Some jobs change frequently, which can cause worries about how to pay for your rent and expenses. If you have job security, you don’t have to stress about your bills and one good example of such a job is truck driving.

As truck drivers are key to our economy, they are always needed. More than 70% of all goods are transported by trucks the American Trucking Association says. Take a moment to consider how large this portion is and what it means for the stability of truck jobs. Sure, other transportation methods exist, but trucks are the bedrock of the logistics sector and as long as people are consuming goods, there will be a need for truck drivers to deliver them.

With AI moving into automating more and more jobs, truck driving looks attractive as it is so difficult to automate. While there are companies making inroads into automated driving, it will take a considerable amount of time before companies will be able to replace a living breathing trucker with a robot.

Set Your Own Schedule

We all love freedom to choose what we do with our time. You are not alone if you like work life balance and spending time with your family. Some of us might prefer to work at night rather than getting up early in the morning. However not many jobs let you pick and choose your hours as freely as many tuck driving jobs let you do. Just imagine the face of the recruiter if you in an interview for an office job say that you would like to work at night or only three days a week.

How fortunate that truckers have many of the above liberties. This industry goes on 24/7, leaving you with plenty of freedom and flexibility. Many employers also have flexible schedules for truckers, giving you the option to schedule your working hours around your other obligations in life. Truck driving is the perfect career path for everyone with obligations that prevent them from following a strict schedule.


One of the best aspects working as a truck driver is freedom. Of course, truck drivers have supervisors and managers just like everyone else, but the contact with management is much more limited than in almost any other career. When a truck driver gets their schedule and starts driving, it’s just the open road and the stars above that accompany the truck driver. This lifestyle is perfect for anyone looking for minimal stress and micromanagement that can come with other careers.

Proper Salaries

You might be surprised to hear that a truck driving career can be very lucrative. According to ZipRecruiter, a long-distance trucker can earn anything between $57,000 to $70,000 per annuum with the average long haul truck driver pay landing at $66,000 a year in America. PayScale approximates that a short distance trucker can bring home anything between $14.58 to $24.94/h, with an average hourly pay of $18.76 for short haul truckers.

CNBC reports a median salary for truck drivers aged 25 to 34 at $776 per week and $40,352 per year. Adding up all the numbers we see that long haul drivers will earn way above average, while short haul drivers will make about as much as the average joe. All in all we see that truck driving jobs offer very competitive pay.

Attractive Perks

Every corporation offers their own benefits package, and these perks are in most cases offered to their truck drivers. Long distance truckers are in high demand, and logistics companies have beefed up their perks in order to attract truckers. These perks often contain a generous benefits offer that includes medical and dental. Where employers in other sectors often have slimmed down their perks significantly for their staff, the shortage of qualified truckers has led to increased benefits instead of cuts within the truck sector. If a generous perk package sounds attractive to you, working as a truck driver could be your best bet.

Low Barriers of Entry

No need to be a rocket scientist to become a truck driver, thank god. This means no student loans and time spent having to memorize dull books. Truck driving is a great profession for people who like to save and do something else than spending years reading books. All you need to work as a truck driver is a commercial driver’s license. This you can obtain by taking truck driving lessons and passing a test. Taking classes at a certified truck driving school will boost your chances of landing a job and has the chance to bump your pay when you land the job.

Work in Truck Driving and Seize New Opportunities

So many careers to choose from! However, most of the attractive ones coming with mandatory university attendance and require previous job experience before you can get the work conditions you desire. Working in truck driving could be a short cut to getting the lifestyle you want and doesn’t come with the disadvantages. If you a looking for a job with the chance for great pay and attractive perks, you would do well to consider working as a truck driver.

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