Medicare Advantage Now Covers More Than You Might Think

Medicare is designed to help aging adults by covering their healthcare costs. But, have you ever wondered what will happen if Medicare does not cover the healthcare you need? From prescription drugs to lenses and hearing aids, Medicare may leave you with substantial medical expenses. 

The answer could be a Medicare Advantage plan. Also widely recognized as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans may fully cover some of your most essential medical needs and also save you money.

Medicare Advantage Plans Fill Medicare Coverage Gaps

The most important reason for considering a Medicare Advantage plan is coverage1 . Such “Section C” programs add to the Original Medicare coverage, adding to the benefits that standard Medicare leaves out. This ensures that a Medicare Advantage plan will give you additional assistance and coverage at a reduced price.

Private health insurance providers usually offer Medicare Advantage plans2. Such programs provide you with the same benefits as Medicare, mostly covering everything in Parts A, B, and D, along with other additional services. You can make the decision on how much coverage you want, what kind of copay you’re satisfied with, and whether you’d like an HMO or PPO plan.

But each Medicare Advantage plan is not the same. Though many have the same forms of coverage, each plan has various benefits and regulations3. Here are a few of the most popular options for additional coverage with the Medicare Advantage plan.

Hearing Aids

Hearing treatment is among the most significant missing elements of Medicare, but many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer a great deal of hearing care coverage. Usually, routine hearing expenses are covered, such as regular hearing examinations, fitting assessments for those in need of hearing aids, and even hearing aids themselves. Based on the Medicare Advantage plan, the hearing aids may be fully covered.

Dental Care

As you might know, Medicare does not cover any cost of dental treatment. A Medicare Advantage plan, however, can include dental care coverage. With this type of supplemental plan, you could have cleanings, x-rays, extractions, and other important routine dental procedures covered at some or all of their cost. More in-depth procedures, like root canals, bridges, implants, and dentures, may also be covered.

Vision Care

Vision tests are not provided by Original Medicare unless you have another medical condition that is eligible for eye treatment coverage. Luckily, many Medicare Advantage plans offer some routine vision coverage, and you’d be able to get more in-depth coverage depending on the particular Medicare Advantage plan.

Prescription Meds

For a long time, Medicare users have suffered from a lack of coverage and rising drug costs, but now you can pick a new Medicare Advantage plan that might fill these gaps and reduce your costs3.

Pay Less for the Healthcare You Require with Medicare Advantage

In addition to providing expanded health coverage, Medicare Advantage plans are a smart way to cut costs. Although Medicare Advantage plans include a premium, some plans also have premiums, which are as minimal as $0. And with various copays and expanded coverage, you may pay less each time you visit your physicians.

If you’ve been searching for increased – and enhanced – coverage for your healthcare needs, then it’s time to take a look at Medicare Advantage plan. With more and more choices available online, you will surely want to consider their prices and coverage rates to find the best match for you.





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