How to Cut Cost When Remodelling your Bathroom Using a Local Contractor

When you live in a house for years, or buy an old apartment/home, you definitely have an idea of how terrible an out of date bathroom looks like. The thought of either renovating or simply updating is quite exciting until you get into costing, eventually.

Angie’s list revealed that American spend about $9,600 averagely on bathroom remodelling. Nevertheless, you can save thousands of dollars on a brand new bathroom if you plan carefully. 

Let’s take a look at way in which you can reduce costs and save money when remodelling:

Look for Less Expensive Home Improvement Stores: brand new floor tiles, light fixtures and hardware are usually expensive irrespective of the shop you go to, but big box retailers like Home Depot can get you excellent deals, all you need to know is how to find the lowest prices1.

Here is a fun fact; all employees of Home Depot are permitted to give a discount of up to $502. But this is a secret that is made known to you only if there is a tangible reason. For instance, if you pick interest in a sink on the display and it happens to be the only one of its kind available in stock, request that the clerk marks it down.

Make Use of Affordable Accessories: in a case where your massive bathroom installations are still in solid shape, you can cut down on expenses by replacing just the accessories rather than the entire bathroom.

Repaint the walls with a new color, change your shower curtain and rug as well. Replace your towels and window coverings too. You would marvel at the number of cheap accessories you can get from retailers. Visit stores to purchase jars, candles and drawer organizers. If you have space on your wall, you can put up industrial-chic shelves. As opposed to bulky standing or wall cabinets, open shelving in bathrooms that are not large creates the illusion of space. To store lotion, linens or pretty soaps you can use wire baskets, while for personal items wicker baskets that have lids is preferable. For that extra homey feel, get small potted plants. All of these modifications go a long way in giving your bathroom a new and updated look in value and style.

Buy Second-hand Materials: the excess of construction materials like plumbing fixtures vanity tops and cabinets are auctioned for a fraction of the original cost3. You can check reuse centers like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore because they only collect discards that are in perfect condition. You might get to snag products that are still in the box.

The following items are the ones you should be looking for:

  • Faucets and showerheads.
  • Hinges and drawer pulls.
  • Towel racks.
  • Sinks and tubs.
  • Tile and vinyl floor coverings.
  • Toilets or toilet seats.
  • Paint, stain and paint supplies.
  • Light fixtures.

Reuse stores receive fresh donations daily, so endeavour to check back as often as you can.

You can ask to see the remnants first of granite or other countertop materials, this can help you save cost too. If the length of your vanity isn’t too much, the granite company might have discounted remnants that are the perfect size.

Hire a Local Contractor: the final thing to do if special changes is to pay for the services of a local contractor. Watching video tutorials on how retile your shower may seems easy, but why go through the stress and still risk making certain mistakes? You are not cutting cost when you handle a project by yourself and at the end of the day it is redone because of mistakes. A professional with experience can help you plan while working with your budget and get the job done without any errors4.

Most contractors have access to resources you have no idea about. They know where to find cheaper parts and sort out any unexpected electrical or plumbing issues that may occur. It doesn’t matter what the scope of your remodel is, hiring a contractor will save you from a lot of stress, and getting one in your area isn’t difficult.

And it is always good practice to do a proper survey of contractors within your reach and compare between at least 3 or 4 different options before you decide on which one to go for. The quickest way to discover all the information you require is by doing an online search.

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