Canada Needs Nurses!

A massive nursing shortage threatens the effectiveness of healthcare solutions for the general public. Now, estimates suggest that 500,000 more registered nurses will be needed by 2030 to adequately serve the populace. Completing a Nursing Degree takes a lot of hard

Medicare Advantage Now Covers More Than You Might Think

Medicare is designed to help aging adults by covering their healthcare costs. But, have you ever wondered what will happen if Medicare does not cover the healthcare you need? From prescription drugs to lenses and hearing aids, Medicare may leave you

How To Know If You May Have Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has gained the status of “true epidemic” in the United States, with at least 30 million adults are suffering from disease, and 84 million have been diagnosed with the prediabetic condition. A lot of prediabetic people are unaware

What Seniors Must Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage Plan can take your health plan to a whole new level even if you are already using another plan. Different Medicare-approved private companies provide these health plans, and it is also known as “MA Plans” or “Part C.”


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