Affordable Ways that Senior Home Care Services Help you stay at Home

Having an idea of how much it would cost to live in a senior community is important especially if you considering it for yourself, loved ones or your parents. The cost of senior living varies depending on the facility you go for, but irrespective of your choice it is very expensive. You can only get options that are inexpensive if you do an online search.

Thankfully, relocating to a senior living facility is not the only option you have. You can live comfortably with all your needs taken care of, and without spending a dime of you retirement savings through senior home care services. You can go online and search for inexpensive senior housing options right away.

How Much Do Senior Housing Cost Normally?

In the year 2020, according to The Cost of Care Survey the national median rate for a one bedroom assisted living went up by 6.15 percent, bringing the price to $4,300 monthly.1

The same survey revealed that a semi private room at nursing homes cost averagely $7,756 per month, and private rooms cost $8,820 per month. At this rate, only a few people may be able to afford moving into a senior home.2

Since there is a sudden increase in demand by seniors searching for senior living options, the prices are also on the rise. Leading Age reports that by the year 2035, the number of seniors would most likely have doubled, with every one of them looking for senior living. As a result of the high demand for senior living, the cost of senior living will continue to increase yearly.3

It is for this reason that seniors are searching for less expensive options, this making the senior home care service a perfection alternative. 

The Latest Alternative for Aging Adults is the Senior Home Carer Service

As you grow older, it is normal for your family, loved ones and friends to suggest senior living communities as a means to ensure you receive the care you need. But just like most of the seniors, you would probably not want to move out of the home you have lived in for so many years. 

You wouldn’t be the first, several reports show that 90 percent of senior are not willing to move out of their homes into a senior living facility. Most of the seniors prefer to live in their homes and stay independent, which is very possible because of the senior home care service.4

With senior home care services, you get both medical and personal care in the comfort of your home. It is designed to allow seniors stay in their homes while you receive similar benefits of the assisted living facilities. For instance, bathing, getting dressed, driving, grocery shopping and the likes become a lot easier and safer with the assistance of an in-home care professional. 

Senior homecare services allow you to remain independent as you prefer. You are free to carry out you daily activities as normal, but you will receive a one-on-one attention and care from an expert in providing healthcare, carry out nursing duties as well as be your companion. 

Reasons Why Senior Home Care Service is a Preferred Choice

In as much as senior living facilities are seen to be the safest and best option for the elderly, fact is senior home care services are a much better option. And they have better benefits in comparison to other options. 

Below are some of the benefits of the senior home care service: 

● Improved quality of life.
● Comfort and convenience; the care you need is brought to your home.
● Companionship; your care giver can pay you visits from time to time just to keep you company.
● You can move around easily because there is a standby means of transportation.
● You home is kept clean and meals prepared for you.
● You receive the necessary medical care at home including IVs, physical therapy, post-surgery care, injury care, etc. 

Furthermore, research has it that seniors can have longer life and good health from choosing senior home care services. According to a recent study, seniors that receive home care after going to the hospital have little or no chance or revisiting the hospital again and live longer. And that the medical bills seniors paid for is about 35 percent less than normal, all thanks to home care services.5

There are several different types of senior home services. If what you are after is in-home medical care, or daily assistance with chores and other things in the house, or you just want someone who can be visiting weekly to take care of your pressing needs, you can get all of these from senior home health care services. 

How to Find Inexpensive Senior Home Care Services

Irrespective of the type of senior home care service you go for, it is quite affordable. You are at liberty to choose the type of service you want that best suits your needs. So, from in-home medical care to daily help, etc. senior home care service remains more affordable in comparison to senior living facilities. 

A report from Paying for Senior Care states that, on average, the cost of senior home care is about $22 hourly, but you can also get offers as low as $16 hourly from some services, depending on your state. Contrarily, the cost of senior living facilities is about $2,500 to $7150 per month.6

As years go by the demand for senior services and home care services is steadily on the increase. The good thing is that there will also be an increase in the competition, pushing senior home care services to provide better services and lower prices to gain more customers.

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